Ring Spotlight Cam Mount

Ring Spotlight Cam Mount Review

The Ring Spotlight Cam Mount is a hardwired solution that adds smart security to any home.
The Ring Spotlight Cam Mount is a hardwired solution that adds smart security to any home.

After having the Ring Video Doorbell Pro for a few months, I decided to double down and go with two of their other exterior cameras. In addition to their Spotlight Cam Mount, I also went with their Floodlight Cam.

I went with the Spotlight Cam Mount for the front of the house as I already have very bright LEDs in the sconces on either side of the garage door which already do a great job at lighting up driveway and entrance. I think combining the Spotlight Cam’s lights with my existing lights was the perfect match instead of overkilling with floodlights. I decided on the “Mount” version because I didn’t want to deal with batteries or exposed wires.

Video of motion triggering the camera to record as well as lights turning on controlled via SmartThings / Lutron Caseta integration.

One cool feature this has is the ability to create custom motions zones that will trigger recordings and alerts. I took this feature a step further and used it to turn on exterior lights at night via SmartThings and Lutron Caseta. For example, when someone pulls into or walks up the driveway, it will start recording and the lights on either side of the garage door will turn on in addition to the built-in spotlights coming on.

Additional features include infrared night vision, a 110-decibel siren alarm, two-way audio with noise cancellation and advanced motion detection.

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